Inpatient Medical Detox

Individuals, who build up drug or alcohol dependency, find that when they want to stop using, they cannot. This is a result of physical and mental symptoms called withdrawals. The most common symptoms of addiction withdrawals are:

● Nausea
● Vomiting
● Anxiety
● Depression
● Chills
● Insomnia

When Do You Need Inpatient Medical Detox?

When you try to stop using drugs or alcohol and the withdrawal symptoms are so severe they frighten you, it is time to get medical detox. Withdrawals can be so intense that people will use again just to avoid the symptoms. To clean your system from the toxic substances that cause these symptoms, you need medically administered detox. The best way to receive medical detox is in an inpatient environment.

Long Island Sunrise Inpatient Detox
The Long Island Sunrise Detox center provides inpatient medical detox customized to the patient’s needs and specific circumstances. A patient’s unique treatment strategy is created and administered by accredited, medical professionals who respond diligently to our patient’s specific needs. The inpatient medical detox at the Long Island Sunrise Detox facility provides 24/7 medical observation, in a safe, comfortable and tranquil environment.

Sunrise Detox Long Island has a system, where you are first, evaluated by experienced medical and addiction specialists who coordinate with you a specific treatment strategy that takes into accounts your overall mental and physical health, and then monitor your progress. This is the award-winning approach of all the Sunrise Detox facilities, which has produced a high level of long-term recovery.

The inpatient medical detox atmosphere where you are free to roam our spacious grounds, without the stress of everyday life, will build your confidence that you are not in this alone, and can count on the experienced specialists at the Long Island Sunrise Detox to treat your withdrawal symptoms safely, and put you on the road to recovery. Do not wait any longer. The proven method for successfully treating long-term drug and alcohol addiction is through medical detox.

Contact Us About Our Inpatient Medical Detox

The goal of Sunrise Detox in Long Island is to help people recover from alcoholism, substance abuse disorder (SUD), and other co-occurring mental health disorders. Contact Long Island Sunrise Detox if you, or anyone you know, needs help with treatment for addiction. Our professional medical staff is ready to help

Medical detox treatment


Medical detox uses medical alternatives that relieve withdrawal symptoms as you rid your body of dangerous toxins. The Long Island Sunrise Detox provides a customized treatment for our patients. This treatment strategy includes an evaluation and a range of services provided in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Sunrise Detox Long Island is committed to helping people recover from Substance Use Disorder (SUD), alcoholism, and other co-occurring disorders. If you or a loved one needs help with addiction treatment, please contact Sunrise Detox Long Island now. Our professional medical staff will be ready to assist you.

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