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Drug dependency or drug addiction refers to the uncontrollable, repeated use of substances such as alcohol, and prescription or street drugs like amphetamines, fentanyl, methadone, cocaine, and other drugs that are harmful and deadly with continuous use.  Over time, when used repeatedly, a person develops a dependency to these drugs, which makes it impossible for them to quit without medical help. This fact is a result of the alterations on the brain caused by long-term, repeated use. Drug addiction is a chronic disease and a person who wants to stop using, needs medical treatment. Long Island Sunrise Detox center offers an effective, rehab program to help individuals quit drug use, and begin a drug-free life as a productive and responsible member of society.

Our in-patient drug addiction treatment is under a fully accredited staff of medical professionals who coordinate a unique treatment protocol with a patient, based on his/her specific needs. Long Island Sunrise Detox facilitates a successful rehabilitative treatment with the use of therapy and medicine to help our patients regain normal brain function, and reduce urges and symptoms of withdrawals.

The success of our drug detox program is due to the personalized treatment for each patient, tailored to his or her particular needs and including the treatment of co-occurring disorders. The Long Island Sunrise Detox provides treatments that combine detox, therapy, medications and care to help our patients reduce the chance of relapse and achieve long-term recovery.

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Sunrise Detox Long Island Center

The Sunrise Detox Long Island facility provides medication and therapy that controls withdrawal symptoms while you detox; conducting an evaluation and treatment protocol for anxiety and depression, and follow up care to avoid relapsing after a patient completes drug detox.

Sunrise Detox Long Island is easily accessible to the surrounding NYC boroughs and major cities of bordering States. If you are thinking about quitting drugs, do not hesitate and call us Now.

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