Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Detox Alcohol addiction takes many forms, from sporadic binges that keep lasting longer and are more difficult to regain control from to everyday use to “get by” your daily functions. Our alcohol detox treatment will help you establish the groundwork necessary for a successful recovery, to put you in control of your life. Alcohol lowers your body’s natural ability for cognitive function and reduces its vibratory energy, necessary to operate wholly. Whether you realize it or not, alcohol addiction interferes and disrupts all aspects of your life. From your daily work, school, family, and children routine, to dealing with exceptional circumstances, all facets of your life are affected. The good news is there is a way off this negative cycle because recovery is achievable. The Sunrise Detox facility at Long Island provides customized treatment programs monitored by licensed and trained medical professionals whose sole purpose is to keep you safe and comfortable. In contrast, you detox from alcohol and begin to resume your life.


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The Sunrise Detox facility at Long Island is committed to helping people in our community recover from Substance Use Disorder (SUD), alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders. If you, a loved one, or a friend needs help with addiction treatment, contact Sunrise Detox Long Island treatment center now, and our professional medical staff will assist immediately.



The Long Island Sunrise Detox facility offers a non-judgmental, comfortable and safe environment, with a dedicated and licensed staff of caring individuals. We focus on working with you on an individual basis to make sure your treatment is appropriate for your specific needs and helps you attain your personal goals.

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