About Sunrise Detox

Long Island's new private, professional, and comfortable medical detox center

The Only stand-alone Detox Center on Long Island

Sunrise Detox offers the comforts of home in a fully staffed medical detox. The 14,000 square foot, state-of-the-art treatment facility offers 20 beds, including 2 executive suites. Sunrise provides on-site medical staff, daily cleaning services, an in-house chef, and plenty of space to lounge when you’re not in one of the several groups taking place that day.

Staff & Leadership

"I enjoyed interacting in groups with patients and working with the counselors."
-RealTestimonial™ from Long Island
"Groups are my favorite, and I really enjoyed spending time and talking with the staff."
-RealTestimonial™ from Long Island

"The staff was exceptionally friendly.  The program was very informative and exceeded my expectations."

-RealTestimonial™ from Cherry Hill
"The staff treated me with so much respect and made me feel as comfortable as possible since I was very nervous."
-RealTestimonial™ from Palm Beaches
"The Sunrise staff goes above and beyond to make sure patients are taken care of properly."
-RealTestimonial™ from Stirling
"The staff pulled me through my first three rough days with their encouragement, positivity, and support. That makes this facility stand out in a class of its own."
-RealTestimonial™ from Orlando
"The tech staff was fabulous, very accommodating to every need and question."
-RealTestimonial™ from Palm Beaches
"The counselors were attentive and always available. I was able to have fun, joke around with all who worked here. The environment felt safe, and the food was delicious."
-RealTestimonial™ from Orlando
"The staff was very reassuring and non-judgmental. Responded quickly to requests and concerns. The techs and nurses rocked, never worried about them responding to my requests when able."
-RealTestimonial™ from Stirling
Gina Hooper of Sunrise Detox Long Island

Service Director

Gina Hooper

Originally from Ocean County, New Jersey, Gina Hooper began her career with Sunrise Detox in 2018 as a chemical dependency tech, and rose through the ranks, earning her position as Service Director for Sunrise Detox in Cherry Hill. After demonstrating her hard work, care, and dedication in this role, she was invited to bring that expertise to our newest location serving Long Island.

Gina works in conjunction with the Clinical and Medical departments. They work together to identify each patient's needs, tailoring treatment plans for the best chances of success in recovery.

In long-term recovery herself, Gina thinks of patients as partners; as individuals she can help guide on a journey to freedom. Gina places a high value on communication skills, making sure patients are always involved in their treatment and feel comfortable and safe.

Meredith Cooper of Sunrise Detox Long Island

Clinical Director

Meredith Cooper, LCSW

Clinical Director Meredith Cooper chose to work in substance abuse treatment to help a population that struggles to help themselves. Overcoming addiction or alcoholism is a difficult obstacle that often seems impossible. However, over her 20-year tenure treating alcoholism and substance abuse, Meredith has a proven track record in improving the lives of others by achieving sobriety and gaining a fulfilled and happy existence.

Cooper earned her bachelor's degree in Sociology and her master's degree in Social Work from Stony Brook University. In her position, she oversees the clinical staff, ensuring patient safety and satisfaction in their treatment plan, comfort level, and experience at Sunrise. As a highly caring and passionate social worker at heart, Meredith considerably impacts those living with substance abuse challenges, guiding them to become their best self.

Paul Gillen of Sunrise Detox Long Island

Outreach Coordinator

Paul Gillen

A Long Island native, Paul has been working in substance abuse treatment since 2009. He began his tenure with the Sunrise Detox team in 2017 at our corporate location in South Florida but is relocating back to his roots to spread awareness of our newest location opening in Brentwood, Long Island.

As an active participant in his own recovery, Paul dedicates his life to helping others struggling to achieve and maintain their sobriety. He provides a level of empathy and compassion that people find motivating and inspiring.

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“I’m so excited to work with Paul and Sunrise. The facility is amazing, and we love how easy they are to work with!”

-Real B2B Testimonial from Massapequa, Long Island

You're Not Far Away, and Transportation is Available

No matter where you are on Long Island, you're not far from the admissions desk at Sunrise Detox. We can arrange transportation, and we can pick you up. In most cases the drive is under 30 minutes, and almost always less than an hour. We're roughly 36 minutes from Manhasset. About 30 minutes from Mineola, and 43 minutes from Westhampton. Drive time is 26 minutes from Syosset, 28 minutes from Stony Brook, or 38 minutes from Garden City. We're just 40 minutes from Valley Stream, 27 minutes from Westbury, and 31 minutes from Cold Spring Harbor.

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We'll Come and Get You

Ready? We'll pick you up. We want you safe. Wherever you are on Long Island, you're just a phone call away.

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Recovery Starts in Detox

A comfortable and supportive environment in detox provides the greatest chance for a successful recovery.
Qualified medical staff on site 24hrs per day, every day, to keep you comfortable
On site meetings with addiction counselors help kick start your recovery while in detox
Rolling admissions, 24 hr enrollment, and transportation can get you help, right now.